Google Is Working on Human-like Chatbots


Artificial Intelligence is getting more popular day by day as developers have started implementing this new technology in their latest gadgets and software. We all know how Chatbots work and how they can handle the basic queries of the users through the web-interface. Now, according to reports, Google is also working on their personal human-like chatbots.

Conversational AI is being tested by a lot of giants which now includes Google as well. This new AI catches up human words and responds to the words in the same language. It uses the natural tone and acts like a real-human by using Artificial Intelligence technology.

We all know how useful the existing AI-powered virtual voice assistant i.e. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa Assistant, Apple Sire, Samsung Bixby and many other more. Now, Google is making even more advanced AI-based Chatbots that will act like a real human.

These all assistants are not user-friendly and they can’t speak like a human. They can now help you make jokes, speaking to you and do all the other activities exactly like a human.

To make things easier for the common people, Google has officially introduced its new AI-powered Chatbot called Meena. This neural network carries over 2.6 billion parameters. Meena is good enough to handle multiturn dialogue.

Google Claims that Meena is way better than the existing chatbots in terms of handling the users’ requirements. The same Chatbot now offers a fun time by telling you jokes.

Apart from this, Google’s Researchers’ team have developed something unique for technology users. They have introduced two new metrics today with Sensibleness and Specificity Average (SSA). As per the different tests conducted by the researchers’ team with Google’s new AI-based Chatbot Meena, it scores higher than all the other Chatbots and AI-based software.

At presently, Meena learnt 40 billion words. The textual content of 341 GB from public areas and social networks have also be taught to it. Google is constantly working on the improvement side of this Chatbot by working more on it. They are adding new words and tests different languages to it.

We will get to learn more about Google’s new AI-based Chatbot, Meena in the coming days.

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