Google Introduces Sign Language AI for Smartphones


Google’s Researcher team is actively working on the development of new and innovative tools for tech-savvy people. Today, the Researcher Team at Google developed a new Artificial Intelligence-powered tool named Sign Language. This tool can be integrated with the smartphone to recognizes the sign language.

Google has released a blog post to share the achievement of their researcher team. Google already has a sign language translating tool but it requires high configuration system. However, this new handy tool is designed for smartphone users only.

We have to accept the fact that Smartphone users also explore websites from different web browsing applications. To make things easier and to understand the sign languages, Google has implemented this new AI tool.

Google uses three different AI systems. A palm detector model which is called BlazePalm. This tool scans the images taken by the phone’s camera. This tool also crops the images until it captures the palm. The next model named Hand landmark model takes the edited picture and works with the 3D points of the hand.

The final AI algorithm will come to rescue and finish the sign language. This tool will recognize the gesture and this is how it can recognize the sign language.

Google has been working for quite some time on the development of this new technology and somehow they have managed to develop this innovative tool. Google used Artificial Intelligence to develop this tool with over 1000 images of different hands with different gestures.

Since the hands move so quickly, the perception of hands in real-time is a quite difficult task. Then the tool uses Machine Learning technology that will pick up the gestures taken by the artificial intelligence of the users. With these latest technologies, Google didn’t require the implementation of special codes. The algorithms have been designed with the new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Google has just introduced its success story by introducing the new Sign Language tool. The company said in a blog post that this new tool will definitely help the users to understand the sign languages quickly and more efficiently.

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