Google Fit 30-Day Challenge is Announced; Will come into effect from January 1, 2019


New Year is around the corner, many people have already started taking New Year’s Resolution to stay fit and healthy this year. To help these peoples to reach their pre-set benchmarks, Google announced their new 30-Day Challenge on Google Fit.

This event by Google will come into effect from January 1, 2019. During this event, People can earn Heart Points by completing different activities. These Heart Point can be earned by the user for each minute of their activity. These points will be given according to two different categories. One point will be given for Moderate tasks performed by the user while two points will be given for Intense tasks.

These tasks include any of your physical activity which makes you move from your place. Some simple tasks are provided by Google for peoples belonging to colder regions as an example like shoveling snow by hand, parking at a farther distance and walking and going sledding. Google Fit will count every single activity performed by the user automatically without user interactions to the app.

There is a total of 150 Heart Points per week are pre-set as a benchmark by The American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). To make it more friendly, users can compete with their friends to earn more Heart Points.

You can sign-up for this Google Fit 30-Day challenge by installing Google Fit app into your Smartphone. After that go through the Card related to Challenge and then click on Learn More. You’ll see a Sign-up page there from where you can enroll yourself for this Google Fit 30-Day Challenge. This monthly challenge will start from January 1, 2019. So keep yourself ready to compete with your friends in this Google Fit 30-Day Challenge to remain yourself Fit and Healthy in this upcoming New Year and stay tuned with TechnoCodex all the latest tech news and updates.

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