Google Docs AI Feature Fixes Your Grammar Mistakes


Grammar Suggestions is the easier way to check grammar errors Google Docs introduced by Google which would utilize artificial intelligence. The new AI-based inclusion provides suggestions instead of auto-correcting. The useful addition helps user from committing basic grammar mistakes and omit them and even with bigger problems like sentence structures.

Google has slowly added new features that improve Docs’ usefulness for various users, and the addition of Grammar Suggestions is one of those latest changes.

The company’s artificial intelligence works to identify grammar issues and mistakes, such as using “a” instead of “an,” as well as more complex issues, such as the improper use of subordinate clauses. The good thing is that, the new tool doesn’t automatically fix these grammar mistakes, instead presenting suggested changes that the user can accept or dismiss.

Among other AI features, Google also making Smart Reply available to Hangouts chats in G Suite. Smart Reply, which was unveiled for Gmail two years ago, has been made available within Hangouts Chat as well. The text-based collaboration tool might be a tool that could serves as Google’s competitor to Slack.

Smart Reply uses AI to suggest brief responses to messages in Hangouts Chat that are “casual enough for chat, but still professional enough for the enterprise,” said Prabhakar Raghavan, vice president for Google Apps.

Speaking at the Google Cloud Next event, Raghavan said that Smart Reply has proved a popular way to speed up email communications, with more than 10% of consumer Gmail replies now kicked off with an AI-written response. This is an approach you will see us taking repeatedly: we will build an AI feature on one G Suite product and then bring it to others.

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