Google Chrome Protects Your System from High Profile Risky Downloads


In 2017, Google unveiled its Advanced Protection Program to prevent hackers from accessing the users’ Gmail account and other information. However, Hackers are getting more and more advance and they are implementing new ways to hack people’s accounts.

Instead of hacking Gmail accounts, they can hack your system by establishing malicious code through Spyware. Now, Google is closing down all the doors for hackers as they are coming up with a new update of Google Chrome that prevents hackers from fetching your web surfing information.

The new update for Chrome will block down all types of malware and malicious files sent by attackers through websites. Most malicious files come from downloads. Attackers use pop-ads and another advertising platform to attack the PCs.

From now, they won’t be able to do so as Google will block down such adware and spyware from the websites. If possible, Google can ban websites who are running such malicious adware.

Google has been facing many difficulties to keep their users’ Gmail account safe and secured. And they are coming up with new updates again and again for security reasons. Now, the new Google Chrome update will protect users from high-profile downloads from untrusted websites.

Google didn’t care about the Internet-based viruses for the users. But now, the new Google Chrome update will protect users from accessing such websites or downloading files that contain malicious files.

Google Protection Program is very helpful to those who don’t know about how viruses can be spread on their systems. This program offers protection against high-risk downloads from the web.

Google has already implemented the APP protection to Gmail to keep the Gmail accounts of the users protected and for that reason, hackers have turned to Websites to send malicious files. But this update will close down the doors of the attackers and they won’t be able to send such files to the users.

To turn on this new APP Chrome Protection, you just need to go to the Chrome browser from your system and turn on the Sync option. Once enabled, Google Chrome will automatically block such files and you won’t be able to download them from the web.

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