Google Chrome 76 Enables Dark Mode Automatically and Blocks Flash


Google has recently released Google Chrome 75 for Windows, Mac and Linux PC systems. The same edition was released for the Android mobile platform but not for the iOS one. And now, Google has started releasing the beta edition of its updated version i.e. Google Chrome 76.

If you are an active member of Google’s Beta Channel then you are likely to receive a new Google Chrome 76 Beta update very soon. The new Beta update of Chrome comes with many useful security features to make your web-surfing secured and keep your account private.

If we talk about the new features that are being tested by Google with the new Google Chrome 76 Beta edition is the default block of Flash. This new feature will make websites difficult to know whether you are on an Incognito mode or not.

Aside from this, if you use Google Chrome with Dark Mode, then this feature will be enabled automatically. This will come as an added security to your web-browsing.

There are so many reasons why most PC users like to use the Google Chrome browser the most. The most common reason is it offers great security. The browser has been blocking flash content for months and asks users to use HTML5 only.

To use flash content, you need to install a supportive plugin or software and then manually enable it at your own risk. Google Chrome 76 Beta has Flash Blocked by default and you can even set it up to ask first whenever a website with flash appears. So it’s a good feature which is making its way with the next Google Chrome update for Public.

Apart from this, Google Chrome 76 Beta update will also stop websites from detecting whether you are into Incognito mode or not. So you won’t be seen any unwanted ads or flash ads while surfing websites.

Furthermore, there is an improvement in Google Chrome’s Dark Mode. Web developers can make use of Google Chrome’s Dark Mode to integrate it with their new websites. With a little bit of extra code to the website, web developers can make their websites Google Chrome’s Dark Mode familiar.

Google Chrome 76’s Stable version will be released on July 30th.

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