Google Celebrates Halloween 2018 with New Multiplayer Doodle Game


Google celebrates Halloween 2018 by releasing its first-ever multiplayer interactive Doodle game called Great Ghoul Duel. From the name itself, this multiplayer game is Halloween themed, so it will be a perfect choice for your family and friends whom you want to play with. It offers a simple yet great gameplay that will surely make your Halloween celebration worth.

The game lets you form two teams of four ghosts to play. You will have to collect as many wandering spirit flames as you can, and once you have collected some, you will need to return them to your home base within two minutes.

The team that collects the most spirit flames will be considered as the winner. But this is not just as easy as you think it is, enemy teams can steal flames from each you and they will try to deposit them at their own home base. There is also a special for those who collect the most spirit flames, you can unlock special powers, such as speed boosts and night vision.

To start playing, you can just invite seven friends or family members you like and play the game via a custom link, but if you are just alone, you can just play with random strangers around the world. Google really did a good job at this as it requires several systems running on the Google Cloud Platform to make it possible.

Google might also make more games for different special celebrations, this might become a trend. So be sure to stay tuned with TechnoCodex and we will bring you all of its latest updates.

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