Google Assistant Gets Updated With New Features for the Holidays


This Christmas season, Google will be gifting a couple of new functionalities to its Assistant. While these new features are bundled as a holiday survival toolkit, basically, they have to do more with home entertainment along with efficiency.

Amongst these new upcoming features, the best is visual lyrics. With the help of this feature, users will be able to use their Google Home Hubs and of her smart displays as a karaoke machine. But, there is a catch. This feature will solely be available to the Google Play Music subscribers.

This holiday season, Google will also help you impress your guests by showcasing how polite and well-mannered your kids are. Following the footsteps of Amazon, Google will be rolling out a new feature dubbed Pretty Please for its Assistant.

Users can opt for this new functionality for reinforcing good manners. Once the user says please or thanks to the Google Assistant, they will get delightful responses as a reward. Since the digital assistant will appreciate polite behavioral and answer in a pleasant manner, it will encourage young kids to remember the magic words.

The Pretty Please feature will get activated for everyone whose voice is registered automatically. According to Google, owners of smart speakers and smart displays with Google Assistant can use this function.

Apart from this, Google will also be releasing other minor features and tweaks. Within a week, users will be able to efficiently manage different lists on a centralized place using Google Assistant. Users simply have to command Assistant to create new lists or review the older ones.

Google is also rolling out certain family-centered functionalities such as read-along stories from Disney.  In the light of read-along Disney stories, users can also place calls to Santa Claus. They just have to command Assistant to call Santa and then an interactive game will start. The Broadcast feature will also be getting a significant update. Users will now be able to respond to messages sent via Broadcast.

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