Google announces Currents app as a replacement app to Google+


Google has officially shut down its Google+ app and platform for the Google users. However, today, Google has officially unveiled Google+’ replacement as Currents. Yes, Currents is a new G suite Enterprise app for the Google users to take care of all the services that you use from Google.

According to Google, Currents app brings a new environment and will offer a meangful disccussion and conversation compared to Google+. Google+ was designed for individuals and Enterprise owners which provide an opportunity to connect with the like-minded people. An enterprise owner can connect with his employees over the same platform and can discuss things between each other.

The company also claims that as compared to Google+, Currents app provides new feel, features and platform. In the beta edition, all the Google+ data of the users will be transferred to Currents app platform. Being Google products, you don’t have to worry about the security of your data and profile as well.

Companies who have enrolled themselevs with G Suite can request for the Beta edition of Currents starting from today itself.

When a user posts something on the Currents app through his account, other users can given proper feedbacks to your views. They can also ask you questions or leave a meaningful comments. So yes, if you are asking for opnions of the users and other customers, this platform will be more useful.

Besides this, the app will provide leaders direct connection between the employees. They all can discuss things between each other and can accomplish a particular task easily.

Currents app will keep your posts for longer time. So other users can see the post of yours anytime they want. Admins can measure various things of the page just like Google’s Analytics and this how the Currents app will help you understand the actual behavior of customers.

If you are already excited to use Google’s new platform, you can send an email and request Google to provide its Beta access for your organization. [email protected] write a mail to Google on this email Address, they will go through your request and will respond with the credentials.

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