Google adds new privacy settings to Gmail


Google is introducing two new settings to control “whether your data in Gmail, Meet and Chat can be used to offer ‘smart’ features in these and other Google products.” Announcing the changes in a blog post, the company said that the new settings are another way to put you in control of your data and Google experience.
The first setting allows users to enable or disable whether they want Google to use their Gmail, Chat and Meet data to offer smart features in these and other Google services or not. Smart features include services like email categorisation into different folders, Smart Compose, Calendar event creation from dates and other details and Smart reply in Gmail,
The second setting is the permission to use users’ data from Chat, Meet and Gmail to personalise services like Assistant, Maps, Google Pay and Travel. “Enabling the personalisation setting will get users most out of their products such as Bill reminders in Google Assistant and Restaurant reservations in Maps, Travel bundling and itineraries, Google Pay loyalty cards and tickets,” as per the company.
Google also warns users that disabling these settings may limit the functionality of other Google products. The company also clarifies that ads are not based on users personal data and they are not based on choices they make with these two settings.




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