Google Achieved The Top Place in the Computing Industry, Company Claims


Google today has said that the company has achieved quantum supremacy in the computing industry. Google first claimed the same thing in last September month, and today, they have come up with yet another report by claiming that they are capable enough of doing anything in less time compared to other companies.

According to Google’s official report released on a popular Scientific journal, Nature, the company has claimed this. Quantum supremacy is completely different thing as it resolves all the computer related issues and develops new things which other companies’ can’t even attempt.

Google’s report explained everything about how they have achieved this position and what they can do with the help of the latest technology. Google has its new 53-bit quantum computer which they named as Sycamore. The report showcased how this computer has finished the task in just 200 seconds.

The calculation done by the 53-bit quantum computer of Google has solved a mathematical calculation that the largest supercomputers could not complete in 10,000 years. The entire calculation was done by Google’s Quantum Computer in less than 4 minutes.

If we talk about the future, the capability of Google’s this new Quantum Computer will bring exceptional changes to the technology world. It will bring new and highly innovative technologies which could change the entire phase of computing world.

If we talk about some of the benefits and advantages of this computer, then the new computer will help in designing better batteries for smartphones and laptops that will consume less energy and offer more battery backup. It will also help in the medical industry to produce new medicines quickly and keep the environment safe.

The same will help the existing technologies to be better and more advanced. Machine learning and many other advanced technologies will be improved with new features and new capabilities.

The aim behind designing and showcasing this report is to show how Quantum Computer can resolve the most complicated issues and how the future of technology world will change in the coming years.

We would get to see more information about Google’s new Quantum Computer and other tests in the coming days.

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