Glitches You are Likely to Encounter in iOS 13 Beta Upgrade


For the iPhone, iPads, or any other iOS device users who are enrolled in Apple’s developer and Public Beta Software Program, iOS’s latest upgrade- iOS 13 is Live.

Apple has guaranteed that the iOS 13 version of the operating system has everything an iPhone user needs to be on top of the current tech spectrum, ranging from a multitude of features to incredible performance.

However, the final version of the upgrade does not release before this fall because there are a number of errors that the users are facing in the Beta version. Well, this is the reason why Apple conducts a beta testing program so that all the bugs can be detected and taken care of beforehand.

So, if you are planning to install the beta version of iOS 13 too, here are some glitches you are signing up for. Also, you can read along to know what to expect when you are planning to downgrade your iPhone to an older version.

  1. Installation and Download Issues

More and more individuals have reported trouble in installing the beta version of the upgrade since its launch for public.

  1. Faster Battery Drain

Another issue users are constantly facing is that the battery of their phones is draining in an abnormal fashion, i.e., comparatively faster even when the device is not in use.

  1. Issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks

Many users have complained that they are not able to connect to available Wi-Fi networks, no matter how close they are to the router.

  1. Troubles with Face ID and Touch ID

There is a majority of users who are facing trouble logging into their device due to faulty functioning of Face ID and Touch ID. This is a serious issue when they want to access confidential and emergency features.

  1. Problem Downloading First and Third-party Software

One glitch that has become a headache for many is that they cannot download the applications they love on their device anymore and are forced to downgrade. The problem worsens when they forget to take a back up of their system data and it is lost.

  1. Security concerns

Many iOS device users have encountered that breaching in the security features of the device is much easier with the upgrade.

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, iPhone users are facing lags in phone performance, auto-brightness malfunctions, and frequent crashes.

Even though some critical issues like Security Breaches will be fixed by Apple at the earliest possible, others might go along the beta program. Therefore, we have combined the list of pre-requisite steps you need to take before signing up for it. These steps will help you protect your device as well as the data.

Keep an Eye on what others have to Say About the Upgrade

If you are an iPhone user who is curious about what the latest upgrade has to offer, we would advise you to go through the feedback given by others before going ahead with the idea. Try out blogs vlogs where the users will not only take you through the benefits of the upgrade, but also tell you how this upgrade can backfire.

Also, the online forums such as official discussion forums by Apple, and others contain a lot of information about how you can Downgrade iOS version, upgrade to Beta Version, how the beta version will perform, ways you can recover your data, etc.

While some versions of iOS will allow you to go back from beta to the older version of the phone, others offer no way back. And you can use iOS system recovery tool as well.

Downgrading from iOS Version 13

While some users can manage with the fixes of the issues that they are facing with the beta upgrade, others, like you, might want to go back to the previous version.

For the users of iOS 12: iOS 12.3, iOS 12.3.1, and iOS 12.3.2; it is pretty easy to go back because Apple still allows you to sign into these versions. However, the back news is for the users who have installed the iOS 13 beta upgrade from iOS 12.2 and previous versions because Apple no longer signs into these.

The foremost priority whenever you are installing or uninstalling an upgrade should be to create the backup of all your important pictures, videos, documents, and more.

Also, there is a time limit you need to understand when planning on a downgrade. Once you are using the beta version of the latest upgrade, you can uninstall it to go back to the older version anytime. However, once the official version of the upgrade is released, you will have to downgrade within the next 14 days.

Since iOS 13 is expected to release in September this year, you have ample amount of time to test the beta version, give Apple your valuable feedback and switch back to the glitch-free version 12.

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