Glamor And Illusion Marvel Easter Egg Explained


Scarlet Witch and the Vision call themselves Glamor and Illusion in WandaVision’s second episode. Here’s what this is a reference to in Marvel Comics.

WandaVision dropped big references to Marvel Comics characters Glamor and Illusion in its second episode. After a long break without new MCU content, Marvel finally released the first two episodes of its first Disney+ series, WandaVision.

As promised, WandaVision has turned out to be one of the MCU’s strangest properties yet. Despite having died in his last MCU excursion, the Disney+ series shows Vision (Paul Bettany) is back among the living and enjoying married life with Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in the suburbs. Many occurrences in this community aren’t adding up, but so far the characters appear to be oblivious to this – although it’s open to interpretation as to whether Wanda hasn’t noticed how surreal her daily life currently is, or if she’s purposefully ignoring it in order to continue living in wacky matrimonial bliss with Vision. WandaVision hasn’t made it abundantly clear what’s really going on yet, but it would seem that this mystery is central to the series. Thus far, the 1950s and 1960s-inspired sitcom episodes have infused Wanda’s Phase 4 story with humor and plenty of Marvel references.

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One notable Easter egg in WandaVision episode 2 was the magician names used by Scarlet Witch and Vision: Glamor and Illusion. Their names were mentioned throughout their magic act. Both were supporting characters in the pages of the late 1980s comic book series, Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Ilya Zarkov (Illusion) and Glynis Zarkov (Glamor) were magicians who lived in the same suburbs as Wanda and Vision. Unbeknownst to everyone else, they possessed superpowers, which were the real secret of their magic act. Eventually, the two Avengers befriended the couple and even saved their lives.

The Zarkovs aren’t present in WandaVision, but the use of their stage names from Marvel Comics is definitely appropriate. Like the real Glamor and Illusion from the comic, the MCU’s Wanda and Vision are superheroes just trying to fit in. In the episode, Scarlet Witch and Vision used their powers to successfully pull off their “magic tricks”. This impressed the crowd, and helped them to earn the acceptance of their neighbors – not unlike what the Zarkovs did in the comics in order to blend in. When they came into Scarlet Witch and Vision’s lives, they had already had their fair share of experiences with people who fear what they don’t understand. Because of their concerns about people being afraid of their abilities, the comic book Glamor and Illusion felt like they had no choice but to keep them hidden. This is the very same problem that Wanda is being faced with in WandaVision. She’s doing everything she can to avoid revealing both her own and Vision’s true nature to the people around them.

It’s also worth noting that the Glamor and Illusion Easter egg further strengthens the show’s connection to Vision and the Scarlet Witch. A link was already known, since the comic involved the two characters giving married life a go in the suburbs. Plus, this was when Wanda subconsciously used her powers to create twins for the couple to raise. The addition of Wanda’s children is another storyline that’s been confirmed for WandaVision. It’s possible that as the story moves forward, even more links to the comic will be revealed.

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