Ghost Of Tsushima Sequel Likely Coming, Sucker Punch Job Listing Hints


Another job listing from Sucker Punch indicates the team is working on more Ghost of Tsushima content, possibly a sequel or an expansion.

Yet another job listing suggests Sucker Punch is working on more Ghost of Tsushima; this time, though, the posting outright mentions the PlayStation 4 title, asking for applicants who have played the open-world game and are familiar with its combat systems. Ghost of Tsushima launched last summer, and, to a degree, came as a surprise. Its open-world, though formulaic in some respects, breathed new life into otherwise trite design choices, courtesy of mechanics like the guiding wind.

The experience’s action-packed gameplay and Feudal Japan setting generated plenty of excitement, too, especially for players who have long wished Ubisoft would explore the time period in Assassin’s Creed. Better still, Ghost of Tsushima’s thrilling sword-play made its way into a free online mode, Legends. While fans were having their fill of exploring the island of Tsushima, the development team was on the hunt for a new Narrative Writer. A Sucker Punch job posting from last fall hinted that another Tsushima-set project may be on the docket. Now an additional listing seems to all but confirm as much.

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A new job listing on the official Sucker Punch website shows the Washington State-based crew is looking for a Combat Designer. At first glance, there’s nothing special to glean from the post, but there does exist one clue pointing to what may next appear on the studio’s slate. At the top of the “Requirements” section is a line of text saying that applicants, “must have played Ghost of Tsushima and understand its core combat systems.”

Ghost of Tsushima Duel

This could very well suggest that Sucker Punch plans to develop a sequel to its most recent hit game. Considering Ghost of Tsushima’s record-breaking sales numbers, Sony giving the green light on a follow-up would not at all come as a surprise. However, it’s worth noting that there are indeed other ways Sucker Punch can further explore the property without diving into a sequel.

In the last two console generations, the Infamous series showed that its creators knew how to keep players invested with post-launch DLC. Infamous 2, for example, was followed by the release of a standalone expansion in the form of Festival of Blood. And Infamous: Second Son received a standalone of its own with First Light. Sure, Ghost of Tsushima already has the free Legends multiplayer mode, but who’s to say more single-player content isn’t on the horizon, too, with perhaps a more robust standalone in the vein of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales?

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Ghost of Tsushima is available to play now on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Source: Sucker Punch

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