Get 15 bounces in a Single Throw with Fortnite’s new Challenge


Fortnite’s new Challenge for the Week 5 is here and it is very easy for the regular Fortnite players. The challenge is simple in which you need to bounce the bouncy ball for 15 times. The only thing you need to do here is discover the actual position of the Bouncy Ball. Once you get the location of the ball, the challenge will be completed soon.

This new Bouncy Ball’s Challenge starts with the game’s menu itself. You don’t need to get into the match to accept the weekly challenge in the game. So this is something new for the Fortnite’s players announced with this week’s challenge.

To start the challenge, the first thing you need to do is go to the main menu and then select the Locker tab. After this, select motes from the same menu and then scroll down until you see the Bouncy Ball there. Bouncy Ball is a rounded ball just like a normal round ball. The color of the toy is green and it looks stunning in the real life gameplay.

Apart from this Bouncy Ball challenge, you can also gain Shiled from Mushrooms. Mushrooms are unique items which can be consumed by the players to extend the power. You will get to encounter different types of mushrooms in the forest. All you need to do is explore the map of the game and you will see the dense forest right there. Explore the forest’s area and collect the mushrooms from there.

Exploring the Forest is a not an easy task and for that reason, you need to focus on completing the other challenges while keeping an eye on the mushrooms which are lying in the area. You can collect them by switching the challenge and that’s how you can save your time. With less efforts, you will get more mushrooms from the challenge.

Additionally, the makers have released a newer edition of the game i.e. Fortnite v8.2. The new version brings a number of improvements to the gameplay with a brand-new limited-time mode. The makers have also introduced a new trap weapon for the players. For more, go ahead and get your Fortnite updated now!

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