Gamestop Will Have “Very Limited” Stock of PS5 Bundles Available Tonight


PS5 bundles will be available sometime “this evening” at Gamestop. The supply will be very limited, so make sure to keep tabs on the retailer’s Twitter.

While many fans have already secured a PS5 pre-order, there are tons out there still looking to pick up the next-gen console. Today, Gamestop announced that they will have “a very limited number” of consoles available to purchase online tonight. So, make sure to get that F5 key lubed up and stretch out your mouse-clicking finger. Whenever the orders do go live, I’d expect them to sell out very quickly. See all the details below.

It’s worth noting that the Gamestop Twitter account doesn’t actually say what time the orders go live. Instead, we’re just getting the very nebulous “this evening” as to when we should expect the store to have them available. Depending on what time zone Gamestop is operating under, those PS5 consoles could be available any time now. It’s also important to note that these are PS5 bundles. If you were only wanting to pick up the console, that doesn’t appear like it will be an option.

That all being said, it’s good to see Sony getting more stock out there for consumers. It’s very obvious that both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are both incredibly popular items this holiday season. Obviously, with COVID-19 putting everything out of whack, it was never going to be a completely smooth launch. However, I’m happy to see more people with a chance to pick up the console they want.

Again, we don’t know exactly when Gamestop will release these PS5 bundle orders into the wild. So, if you’re hoping to get one, make sure to keep tabs on the company’s Twitter account. It might also be a good idea to pay attention to other retailers who might also be getting more stock in the coming days.




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