Fortnite’s New Heavy Sniper Could Shoot Through Walls


StormShiedOne has unveiled one of the most lethal weapons going to be included in the armory of Fontnite ‘heavy sniper rifle‘ which is capable of shooting through the walls. The rifle looks alike bolt-action sniper rifle which exists in the game, but the heavy sniper comes with massive destructive power.

The rifle could damage hugely which is worth 157 points and which is really awesome but at the same time, reloading times kills the fun as the reloading time is far more than earlier reloading time which was 2.7 seconds.

The inclusion of game could really make the game a big thrill as using wooden defenses could become more dangerous.  On the latest addition ‘heavy sniper rifle’ some players on Reddit have labeled the move as “anti-building”.

The piercing shots of ‘heavy sniper rifle’ had a significant advantage in the game as a wood resource which is abundant, achieves full strength quickly as compared with brick or metal but now with the new, it would not make any difference as with the heavy sniper they can get a shot away through those barriers.

The information regarding the data of heavy sniper was revealed in recent update Fortnite’s 5.10. In the 5.10 update with the introduction of new weapon Compact SMG destroying of walls was made easier.

Epic has not yet confirmed on the addition of new weapon but if the ‘heavy sniper rifle’ is introduced it would pay the way for the future of the game which it has started with the new recent updates and as it said in June “not every encounter should have to end in a build-off” points that the game maker is working to take the game to a new level relying less on ‘structures’.

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