Fortnite Mandalorian Guide: How To Unlock All Beskar Armor Pieces


The Mandalorian is the first thing you unlock when you purchase the Fortnite Season 5 battle pass, but there is a lot more you’ll need to find in order to complete the Star Wars skin. The bounty hunter has pieces of Beskar Armor that can be equipped–each tied to an individual quest that you’ll unlock as you level up the battle pass.

A fully decked out Mandalorian skin.

The first challenge is unlocked as soon as you purchase the battle pass, while others are unlocked when you get to a specific tier. Here’s a map of all the locations you’ll need to visit to finish the 4 location-based Beskar challenges:

Fortnite Beskar Armor Locations
Fortnite Beskar Armor Locations

Here’s a list of all challenges and how to complete them with ease.

Visit the Razor Crest

This is the first challenge you’ll need to complete after purchasing the battle pass. You need to visit the Razor Crest, the Mandalorian’s ship, and find a small collectable item there. The piece of Beskar is a small, rectangular object that sticks out of the ground. You’ll see it glowing and a button prompt will pop up once you’re close enough to it.

The Razor Crest.
The Razor Crest.

Check the map above for the specific location of this Beskar piece.

Find Beskar Steel Deep in the Belly of the Shark

This challenge will send you to the top left corner of the map, just above Coral Castle. There is an island with a giant Shark-shaped rock that used to be a secret base in a previous season. Here’s what it looks like when you’re gliding towards it:

Find Beskar Steel Deep in the Belly of the Shark.
Find Beskar Steel Deep in the Belly of the Shark.

The piece of armor is located within the shark in an abandoned vault. Head through the mouth when gliding in and the turn left. You’ll see a large vault door that you can walk through among the rubble. The piece of armor will be on a shelf inside the vault.

Find Beskar Steel Where the Earth Meets the Sky

This Beskar quest sends you to the highest point on the map. It’s the snowy mountain peak just south of Catty Corner and east of Misty Meadows. The Beskar piece is located at the very top. See the image below for reference. The map at the top of this guide shows the exact location as well.

Beskar Steel Where the Earth Meets the Sky Location.
Beskar Steel Where the Earth Meets the Sky Location.

Complete a Bounty

This is a simple challenge. You’ll need to find one of the many NPCs on the map and get a bounty contract from them. Then you’ll need to find the target and eliminate them. Bounties can be started by talking to NPCs at Dirty Docks, Steamy Stacks, Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Misty Meadows, and many other spots around the map. The menu will look like this:

Only some NPCs give out bounties.
Only some NPCs give out bounties.

Earn Weapon Specialist Accolades

Special weapon accolades are earned by dealing enough damage with each weapon type. Pistols and SMGs require players to deal 150 damage while assault rifles and shotguns require 250 damage. This challenge can be completed while playing normally. It’s best to land in a named location, quickly search for a gun, and then immediately search for other players.

Complete a Legendary Quest

Epic Games is adding one legendary quest per week alongside other weekly challenges. They come in multiple stages and give players a high number of experience points. For example, Week 6’s legendary challenge tasked players with landing headshots. They’d get 55,000 experience points for every 20 noggin hits. Finish one of those legendary challenges once you unlock this Beskar quest to get another piece of armor.

Defeat Ruckus

Ruckus is an NPC that roams the factory in between Misty Meadows and Slurpy Swamp. He’s hard to miss once you’re near the building. He carries a heavy assault rifle and an RPG, so be careful when you’re approaching him as he will attack on sight. He also has a ton of armor. Kill him in order to unlock a piece of Beskar armor.

He moves between the first floor, second floor, and outside areas so he could be in a different spot each time you visit his location. Check the map at the top of this guide for the exact location of Ruckus.

This is Ruckus.
This is Ruckus.

Collect 500 Gold Bars

Gold Bars are a new currency for Season 5. They can be found in couches, safes, washing machines, and some beds after being broken down with a harvesting tool. They are also rewards for completing NPC quests like bounties and are dropped by enemy players when eliminated. You’ll need to collect 500 in order to complete this challenge.

Fortnite gold bars.
Fortnite gold bars.

These are all the Beskar quests that unlock as you level up the battle pass. Finishing them all will net you a shiny and new Beskar armor set for your Mandalorian skin.

Some players believe that other Mandalorian gear, like a harvesting tool, will come later in the season. The Mandalorian came with a special glider and a Grogu back bling is unlocked at tier 100, so it makes sense that a Star Wars-themed pickaxe would come at some point. The battle pass includes some mystery rewards–one of them could be the bounty hunter’s special weapon. We’ll know more as Season 5 progresses.

You won’t be able to unlock these pieces of Beskar armor once Season 5 ends–so be sure to jump on these quests as soon as you unlock them.

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