Fortnite finally depowered the hated B.R.U.T.E. mechs


With the launch of Fortnite Season X a few weeks before, Epic Games has added some superpowered B.R.U.T.E. mech suits to its battle royale. The company has added these mech suits to maintain the level of playing field. But just after these suits added into the battle royale, many high-level, as well as every-day players, started complaining that these suits were too powerful. 

Epic Games responded quickly to this issue by limiting the appearance of these suits during the game’s competitive mode and added a new weapon, the “junk rift,” that could help players fight back against them. However, that still wasn’t enough to satisfy players. So, the company has released the new changes on Fortnite across all platforms.

With the latest changes in the game, Epic Games has significantly depowered the B.R.U.T.E. by reducing the number of missiles it fires, how fast it fires them, the radius of the explosions caused by its weapons, and reduced spawning rates. Also, now players can’t pick up materials while stomping or dashing through the environment.

In contrast to that, the company has also increased the health from 1,000 points to 1,250. Even though, it is relaxing for everyone as one can quickly kill someone even if that person had full health, with the changes designed to make it so mechs can still destroy a structure quickly, without being as hard to fight against. Epic has also temporarily removed the Junk Rift weapon from Arena playlists, which it says is the result of an audio issue.

This step from the company has been appreciated by everyone. Most of the streamers including TimTheTatMan and pro player FaZe Ewok showing their appreciation. As for the availability of these changes, there is no need for any patch to be downloaded to the game. You can simply start the game and can see the changes.

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