Fortnite 6.21 Update Brings Balloons, Pro Controller Support, and Lot More


After a brief server downtime, Frotnite gets 6.21 Update that adds balloons, bug fixes, gameplay optimization, and the game changer for the Nintendo Switch players. This update came after the news was confirmed by Epic Games on twitter saying “Downtime for the v6.21 update has started. Pop over to the patch notes to see what’s on the way!”

The long-anticipated Balloons is now here, and it is a great addition to the constantly growing community of the game. The balloons will let you float above the battlefield and get the jump on the competition to get an upper hand against your enemy. But take note, Balloons don’t last forever and they will pop up when they reach the maximum height. So be careful not to use it too long.

Another one of the game-changing update that caught the attention of the people is the line on the patch notes saying “Added support for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and newer versions of PS4 and Xbox One controllers on Mac.”  This is really a game changer as it will allow the Nintendo Switch users to play Fortnite with the help of Pro Controller on Switch. It only means that they will finally be more focused and have a higher level of gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite is really being more supportive for a cross-play game like itself, so in the near future, cross-play will never become an issue anymore. And as a great improvement, Switch players can now stand more of a chance in the competitive modes.

The gifting feature was recently leaked earlier this week, but unfortunately, we cannot find any sign of it on the patch notes.  But don’t get disappointed too much as a twitter user named Jaren seems to have discovered files showing four different types of Gifting boxes. It only means that it might come soon, maybe alongside with Season 7.

The game patch notes also revealed patch sizes for each of the supported platforms. The update 6.21 is said to be about 1.63 GB on PC, 2.77 GB on Mac, 917 MB on PS4, 1.96 GB on Xbox One, 441 MB on Switch, 592 MB on iOS and 724 MB on Android. So if you want to enjoy the new features now, then go for an update now. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more Fortnite updates.

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