Fortnite 6.10 Update adds QuadCrasher, Tournaments, and Much More


The new Fortnite 6.10 patch notes update has been published. The patch note shows off brand new features, game improvements, and bug fixes into the 6.0.1 update of the game. One of the highlights of this update is the Fortnite Quadcrasher vehicle, it has the power to ram down heavy structures.

The Quadcrasher vehicle has been previously teased by Epic Games with their tweet saying “Coming soon!”, and the description is “Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!” This vehicle can make a surprise entrance against the enemy players. It’s a great addition for the gameplay as it can bring more exciting action packs.  Let’s just hope that this will not be pulled off.

There is also an in-game tournaments added to the game. This can be found within the new “Events” section at the in-game menu. These new tournaments will become available to all the players, giving everyone a chance to compete and enjoy the game. It will be comprised with matches that will take place at scheduled dates and times.

The Guided Missile has also brought back into the game, but with few changes. It will no longer fire at the wrong direction, players will no longer be permanently attached into a Supply Drop, the glitch when attempting to fire while reloading the Double Barrel Shotgun is fixed, and some other enhancement was applied.

Some of the minor bugs were also fixed, such as the floating island will no longer appear in the wrong location. The strange sounds that can be heard when multiple players are being eliminated were also removed, and the unrendered version of the Starter Island while loading in is fixed.

Epic Games has also rolled out major performance improvements for the Android version of the game.  The issue on the memory usage on iOS devices was also improved. And lastly, the power level restrictions for the Fortnite Save the World players were also implemented. Check out the official patch note for more details and stay tuned with TechnoCodex for updates.

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