Fornite: Final Rune appeared with an Erupting Volcano


Fortnite has been receiving regular updates day by day and millions of its crazy fans are always ready to try out new things made available to the gameplay. The recent update of Fortnite v8.40 added a metallic structure at look lake.

According to new reports, the fifth rune symbol appeared near the loot lake yesterday. And today, it’s become a Volcano. We have got an exclusive image of this Volcano in the Fortnite’s game which was recently appeared near the loot lake.

Yesterday, we have noticed that there is something like Volcano nearby the loot lake. However, today, the Volcano started erupting. The Volcano has started spitting lava and we could clearly see it. Fortnite’s official news traders have showcased this new erupting Volcano. A lot of users have also shared the same thing on various forum sites and a microblogging website, Twitter.

According to the official trader of the Fortnite game, Rune 5 has now spawned. They have also shared a live video of the erupting Volcano via their Twitter handle. We have embedded the tweet with an erupting Volcano here. Do check it yourself now!

This is something new to everyone and it has made everyone amazed at the first moment. The whole Fortnite’s Map started shaking and the players have believed that the Volcano will erupt as soon as it reaches its peak. In fact, this is the true gameplay and everyone should welcome this new way of tackling with the game.

With this new rune, all the five runes have been activated officially in the Fortnite game. What we need to do now is wait for the Volcano to start to erupt as mentioned above.

If you have reached to the Volcano or close to it, you will notice that the ground is shaking every few seconds. This means, the nearby Volcano is all set to erupt and you need to make a wise move as soon as possible to survive in the game.

Unfortunately, the officials have not shared anything regarding the final event yet. However, this is what we have learnt so far about the final event of the Fortnite Game and the fifth and the final rune of the game.

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