Flickr Overhauled Under SmugMug: Bringing New Features for Free and Pro Accounts, and More


Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug earlier this year, and this acquisition brought Flickr into overhauling. The company said that they are going to bring some changes into the platform. Aside from that, it is also revamping the account features that will limit the usage for free users, Pro subscribers will be given an unlimited storage.

Andrew Stadlen, the VP of Product at Flickr has admitted that Yahoo inflicted negative consequences into the platform. One of this negative impact is the previously offered free 1 TB storage for the users.  Instead of increasing the engagement of the photo lovers in the platform, it took away the community interaction and exploration of shared interests, and that is a negative result considering the main purpose of Flickr.

Now that SmugMug owns Flickr, it will now be focused on building features for members, rather on advertisers. As Flickr revamps, new attracting features for both free and pro subscribers has been brought to action. This was made to bring back the worth Flickr.

New Feature for Free Members

The previous 1 TB storage for free members is now limited to storing a combined total of 1,000 photos and videos. Just the limit has been imposed doesn’t mean that the resolution has been decreased as well. Photos are not limited by resolution, and they are still stored in their original quality.

SmugMug says that these changes are essential for bringing Flickr’s worth back.  So if you are a free member, you still have a chance to save your photos until January 8, 2018. On February 5, 2019, Flickr will begin deleting files that are over your 1,000 photo/video limit, it will start from oldest to newest, until all that’s left is your 1,000 files.

New Feature for Pro Members

One of the greatest news for Pro members is that they will remain using the unlimited storage of photos and videos at full resolution. The ad-free experience for both themselves and their visitors is still there, and a new “OG Pro” badges will be displayed to show the long-time members.

Aside from that, photos are now displayed at a 5K resolution for any screen. Advanced Stats now provides analytics for you to be able to see which of your photos are trending and which of them had the best performance. The statistics can be found in the Flickr mobile app.

The Yahoo! Sign In is no longer required to get an access. Pro users will now receive priority assistance from the new Premier Customer Service team. For an additional offer, Pro members can now choose to upgrade their paid plan for $5.99 per month, or a 30 percent discount to pay the service of $50 per year.  Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more exciting updates.

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