Flappy Bird has been turned out into a Battle Royale Game


Battle Royale games have been one of the most engaging games in the past few years. We have recently seen a small sequence of Super Mario Battle Royale that was made available to play on the web. Similar to this, Flappy Bird has also been turned out into a Battle Royale game. It’s not a battle royale title in the most traditional manner, so you’re not slapping other birds out of the skies while they try to dodge pipes, but it does involve 100 players competing to see who can be the last bird flapping.

The battle royale twist on Flappy Bird is called “Flappy Royale,” and it’s playable here through either your web browser or through mobile devices. Well, it not the official Flappy Bird game, but a beautiful recreation of the game to add some funny and interesting element in the game. The game’s creation is credited to Orta Therox, Em Lazer-Walker, and Zach Gage

If you want to get your hands on to this Flappy Royale, you can visit to the link given above via your browser. As soon as you land on the webpage, you will be first asked if you’ve ever played Flappy Bird before, and if you have, you’ll be ready to flap with the best of them. As soon as you are ready to go, you will have to give your bird a unique name to make it identifiable in the battle royale. Once you are done, you will be dropped from the bus along with 99 other players all flapping towards the common goal.

Click the mouse or tap your screen to flap upwards and dodge the pipes while you watch the rest of the birds fall down around you. At last, the bird surviving till the last will be declared as the winner and will be entitled as Flappy Royale champion. Your win screen will show you what streak you’re on if any and will tell you how many pipes you cleared to be declared the winner.

Flappy Royale is emerging as one of the most addictive games on the web similar to its original version. One of the game’s developers shared some stats a few days ago to show how popular the game has already become. In just two days, there were approximately 2 million Flappy Royale games played. So, you can estimate how addictive this game is. In case, if you haven’t played this game yet, follow the link given above and play this game now.

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