First clear photos of iPhone 8 Showcase Bezel-Less Design


2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple has something major planned to celebrate the occasion. We’ve got a month or so to go until the launch of the iPhone 8, but because of Apple’s ambitious plans for the device, there are already an abundance of rumors hinting at the impressive features coming in the 2017 iPhone.

The iPhone 8 is widely believed to feature a bezel-less design. It may also be the first iPhone from Apple to feature an OLED panel. There have been countless rumors and reports about the new iPhone so far. The latest leak brings us clear photos of what’s claimed to be an iPhone 8.

The latest images claiming iPhone 8 made up with metal and glass which is looking beautiful. We can also spot a vertical dual camera setup on the back. But interestingly there is no home button is visible not even a fingerprint scanner on the front or the back. So it could possibly the under screen or could be replaced by facial recognition as suggested by earlier rumors.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 in the next few months. Until then, we’re definitely going to see more leaks and some of them are absolutely going to miss the mark so take them all with a healthy dose of salt.

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