Firefox to bring new anti-tracking feature to safeguard your browsing


Mozilla Firefox is undoubtedly one of the best and highly recommended web-browser application. According to reports, Firefox is testing a new feature called Anti-tracking. This feature will prevent sites from tracking you.

Cybersecurity is important in today’s digital world and one has to be secured enough to keep the sensitive data and information secured while working on the Computer. There are many sites which are constantly tracking you even if you have cleared the cookies.

Now, Mozilla Firefox is testing this new anti-tracking feature which keeps your browsering secured from such websites. Websites which unintentionally keep an eye on your web surfing behavior, will no longer able to track it.

Basically, this new feature is there for crypto-mining and fingerprinting tracking. To make this happen, Mozilla is teaming up with Disconnect. This company is known for providing quality software to prevent tracking of unauthorized websites.

These tracking methods are already available for both, Firefox 67 Beta testers and Firefox 68 Nightly users. These features can be tested by the developers by installing these beta editions of the latest version.

The company will soon make these new anti-tracking features available for the common users with a new release.

You might have noticed that the products you surf on the eCommerce sites, will be there on different websites while you surf them. This is how this fingerprint tracking method works. It actually tracks down what you are surfing on different websites and will show the similar ads while you are visiting different websites. You will also see the same ads of those products on Facebook, Instagram and many other social networking platforms.

Mozilla will prevent such tracking of the websites. They won’t annoy you by showing unwanted advertisements all the times. Firefox is not the only browser to bring such anti-tracking feature for the users; however, Apple has also announced kind of the same feature on their Safari brower during the WWDC 2018 conference.

These features are disabled by default, and they will be enabled by default with the new update of the Mozilla Firefox browser. There’s no information about the actual release date of the new update of this browser; however, we will get to see the update Mozilla Firefox browser in the coming days.

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