Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 notes detail major fixes and new content


August 7, 2020 The preliminary patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV update 5.3 are here.

The Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 notes are here – well, mostly. We’re still going to have to wait a bit longer for final details on the job changes, but the preliminary patch notes provide a whole lot of concrete detail on pretty much everything else. Besides the big new content for Reflections in Crystal – the new main story quests, the next Nier alliance raid, and the new Heroes’ Gauntlet dungeon – the preliminary notes reveal several notable quality-of-life improvements.

You’ll now see a ‘Transcendent’ buff on your character when you get revived, indicating exactly how long your post-res invulnerability will last – a long-requested change. The status effects you’ve applied to enemies will now appear first in the target bar, so you can more easily keep track of your debuffs. And you can now start or abandon leve quests while riding a mount.

Whenever you complete a dungeon for the first time, you’ll get an experience point bonus. The Coincounter boss in the Aurum Vale dungeon will now telegraph its attacks with AOE indicators, which should make the encounter a bit less confusing for new players.

Those are the highlights, but you can get the full details on the official patch site.

And if you’re wondering where you’ll go for the quests to unlock the big new features, here you go:

  • In the Name of the Light (MSQ) – The Crystarium (X:12.5 Y:16.2)
  • YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse – Kholusia (X:34.7 Y:18.2)
  • The Sorrow of Werlyt – The Lochs (X:11.3 Y:22.5)
  • O Crafter, My Crafter (new deliveries) – The Firmament (X:13.5 Y:11.2)
  • It’s Dwarfin’ Time (Dwarf beast tribe) – Kholusia (X:15.7 Y:30.3)
  • Fantastic Mr. Faux (Unreal trials) – Idyllshire (X:7.0 Y:5.9)

Until the full patch notes go live, the devs have provided early hints at the job adjustments that are on the way. Monks are getting reduced recast time for Perfect Balance, and Form Shift will now extend Greased Lightning no matter what form you’re in. Bards are getting increased damage on “several actions”. Astrologians are getting reduced MP costs for healing spells, and more actions will have MP restoration.

The full list of changes should hit with the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 release date on August 11. That patch will also vastly expand FFXIV’s free trial, which will pretty much set it atop our list of the best free MMOs currently available.

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