Final Fantasy XIV gets its New Update 7.36 with Patch Notes 4.5


After several major patch updates, Square Enix has returned with a new Patch Update at the beginning of the year. Square Enix has revealed their latest update version 7.36 of Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4 with Patch Notes 4.5.

They released the new version of Final Fantasy XIV with a brand new trailer titled “A Requiem for Heroes.” This patch included some major information about this update. The main focus of this patch update was over the addition of new main scenario quest in the Game. The special new feature added in this patch is limited time Blue Mage. It also includes the last chapter of Four Lords saga and Returns to Ivalice. So overall, this is a great updated version Final Fantasy XIV.

Here are the Patch Notes included with this update.

  • New main scenario quests have been added.
  • New job quests have been added.
  • Additions and adjustments have been made to the rewards available in the Lost Canals of Uznair, the Shifting Altars of Uznair, and the Hidden Canals of Uznair.
  • The following dungeons are now available for adventurer squadron command missions:
  • The Fractal Continuum
  • Pharos Sirius (Hard)
  • New craftable items have been added to the company workshop.
  • The following additions and adjustments have been made to subaquatic voyages:
    New voyage destinations have been added.
    New items have been added, obtainable through subaquatic voyages.
    The maximum rank for submersibles has been increased from 40 to 50.

* The following quests and duties are scheduled to be released in upcoming patches:
[Patch 4.55] Rival Wings: Hidden Gorge, Eureka Hydatos.
[4.56] Main scenario continuation, Even Further Hildibrand Adventures.
[4.57] World Visit system.

You can go through the whole patch notes from here.

Final Fantasy XIV latest update is available to download on PC and PlayStation 4. Here, is the trailer attached which is released with this new update.

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