Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Announced For Nintendo Switch and PS4


Final Fantasy series has been doing a great job on the classical consoles many years ago. Since the technology for gaming consoles is constantly upgrading, a lot of games has been migrated and had their versions for the modern gaming consoles being popular in the gaming world.

An example of this is the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, this great multiplayer game requires the players to have a Game Boy Advance with the need of a cable to connect the console to GameCube. Even though it seems that it has a lot of requirement, this game did well in the market and gained its popularity. But as mentioned earlier, a lot of game has migrated into the modern gaming consoles, and this game did not make its way into the modern ones.

The long years of waiting of Nintendo fans has ended, as Square Enix has recently announced the remastering of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Nintendo Switch and PS4, and is expected to be launch in 2019. The first look of the game has been released as its trailer made a debut at the PlayStation Lineup Tour, a game show event in Tokyo.

In the said event, at the GameSpot’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles review, the game has been awarded 8/10 points by Brad Shoemaker. He said, “it is a fun action RPG with its own style and a fair amount of replay value. It doesn’t exactly fit into the Final Fantasy series proper, aside from the involvement of crystals and a few familiar monsters and magic spells, but it’s good enough to stand on its own without any famous franchise names attached to it. Crystal Chronicles plays specifically to those who will appreciate it, and it serves as a fitting return for Square to the Nintendo partnership that first brought the company to fame so long ago.”

The game is already good, and as we can see from Brad Shoemaker’s review, the remastered edition of this game is kind of great too, that will once again get its popularity among the modern game consoles.

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