Final Fantasy 7 Remake Black Friday 2020 Deals Drop It As Low As $25 (PS5/PS4)


It feels like a lifetime ago, but Final Fantasy VII Remake came out earlier this year to a great deal of acclaim. And as one of the year’s biggest game releases, it’s of course getting some solid Black Friday deals, which will see its price slashed by upwards of 50%, depending on exactly where you shop.

The best FFVII Remake deal we’ve spotted so far comes from Target, which will drop the RPG’s price down to a mere $25–the lowest price we’ve seen on the game since its launch in April. This deal goes live on November 22. Other retailers will have sales of their own, with Best Buy and Walmart offering it for just $30 if you’d prefer to shop at either of those stores (or if Target sells out). GameStop will have it for $35. This is a physical PS4 copy, so if you have a PS5 with a disc drive you’ll be able to play it on that system as well.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, as its name suggests, is a remake of the beloved PS1 RPG. It features new mechanics, massively improved visuals, and an incredible soundtrack, but its content doesn’t span the entirety of the original game–instead, it focuses on the Midgar portion of the game, diving more deeply into the stories and characters from that section. That doesn’t mean it’s short, however, as you can expect it to still take upwards of 40 hours to beat. It’s a terrific experience, as you can read about in our Final Fantasy VII Remake review, which scored the game a 10/10.

Remake is available exclusively on PS4, but as with almost all PS4 games, it’s playable on PS5 through backwards compatibility. An enhancement patch has not been released for that platform, but you should still benefit from improved loading times by playing on the new hardware.

All of the deals on Remake we’ve seen so far are for the physical editions, meaning this won’t be playable on a PS5 Digital edition. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for additional deals as they crop up–digital or otherwise–as we’re sure to get more deals, including a PSN Black Friday sale, as the month carries on.

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