Fans Blast Anna For Accusing Brittany Of Being An Escort


The fans are blasting Anna Redman for accusing newcomer Brittany Galvin of being an “escort” on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

The fans are blasting Anna Redman for accusing newcomer Brittany Galvin of being an “escort” on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. Longtime host Chris Harrison announced during the season 25 premiere that the show received a record number of applications for Matt’s season. As a consequence, the season featured a record number of contestants on night one: 32. With that said, plenty of women have been sent home already, and some of those eliminations were pretty gut-wrenching for the fans. Alas, the producers brought in five newcomers for Matt to meet this week.

The new women cast on The Bachelor are Brittany Galvin, Catalina Morales, Kim Li, Michelle Young, and Ryan Claytor. It is not surprising that the women who were already on the show did not react well to meeting their new competitors, particularly on a dating show. It was expected that they’d feel jealous and even protective of Matt James, which happens every year whenever new people come in halfway through the season. However, some ladies on this season are unfortunately taking things too far now, and the fans are sounding off on social media.

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During the latest episode of The Bachelor, contestant Anna Redman claimed to know newcomer Brittany Galvin from living in Chicago. Anna then proceeded to accuse Brittany of being an “escort.” As seen in the tweets included below, the Bachelor Nation fans are blasting Anna for making such claims about a co-star on national TV. On one hand, if the accusations turn out to be false, Anna could have just started a massive lie that could have really bad consequences for Brittany. On the other hand, if the accusations turn out to be true, Anna could have just outed a sex worker for millions of people. Either way, this is a horrible thing for anyone to do.

It is still too early for any Bachelor fan to know how well Anna or Brittany will do on the show. But Bachelor Nation is overwhelmingly criticizing Anna’s accusations and showing support for Brittany, no matter what the reality turns out to be.

Hopefully, Anna will try to right her wrongs and the fans will get some closure on the show. We will keep tuning in to find out.

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The Bachelor season 25 airs Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC.

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