Fallout 76 won’t come to the Nintendo Switch, Bethesda Confirmed


Bethesda is one of the highest-profile major publishers putting their interest on the Nintendo Switch. But this interest won’t be the same story with the Fallout 76. Bethesda’s marketing executive Pete Hines said during the PAX Australia event that the Fallout 76 won’t come on Nintendo Switch because it “wasn’t doable”.

Even though this game doesn’t seem to ever come on Nintendo Switch, Switch is still an important asset to Bethesda. Hines said that every Bethesda studio always considers the Nintendo Switch for its new products, but the compatibility depends on a number of factors though.

He also said that Bethesda management allows the individual teams to study and decide the best management for their games. The management never gives mandates, which includes the choice of platform to be supported.

The decision seems to be right and realistic after looking at the gameplay and resolution of Fallout 76.  Games such as Doom, Skyrim, and Wolfenstein II were all focused on a single-player mode wherein the performance and graphics does not require a powerful and above high-end console.

But the game scale and the gameplay as the whole of the Fallout 76 is a different story. This game has a vast landscape with a lot of other players and serious consequences for death. Even if the number of Switch players to play this game are to be limited, the gameplay experience is still far away to reach the standards. So if we would sum up, it seems that it is really not doable. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex to be always updated.

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