Fall Guys Pays Homage To Super Mario 64 Penguin Meme In Season 3


A new update for season 3 of Fall Guys adds pegwins Bort, Bart and Bert to additional levels, leaving the doors open for N64 meme recreations.

In a season 3 update, Fall Guys devs pay homage to Super Mario 64’s infamous penguin meme. Fall Guys rose to prominence in 2020 thanks to its bright colors, chaotic gameplay, and tongue in cheek humor. It became a lockdown party favorite, earning itself the title of Best Multiplayer Game at The Golden Joystick Awards in November.

The season 3 trailer for Fall Guys went on to be revealed at The Game Awards. In keeping with the colder weather and festive timing of its release, season 3 of Fall Guys included new costumes and levels all focused on a wintery theme. Costumes included a candle, a reindeer, and a yeti, while the new levels involved ice slides… and penguins. In one particular level, named Pegwin Pursuit, players must chase down and hold on to one of the three rogue penguins in the arena (who have been affectionately named Bert, Bort and Bart) for as long as possible to win the round.

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Such is the love for these nimble little penguins, that Bert, Bort and Bart have now been added to additional levels in Fall Guys. Levels that involve perilous edges with a vast drop beneath them and no safety rail. And, when presented with a small penguin-like creature and a drop such as that, what is one to do other than recreate one of gaming’s most memorable Super Mario 64 memes? In Mario’s first 3D outing, the mustachioed plumber was meant to return a small baby penguin to his mother, but for some reason the allure of gravity was too strong for many, and instead gamers would opt to drop the chick over the level’s edge. Clearly, the Fall Guys devs at Mediatonic did the same thing in their past, as they shared a clip of one of its Bean contestants picking up Bert (or is that Bart?) and dropping him off the side of the level, just as many gamers before did in the Super Mario 64 level Cool, Cool Mountain. RIP, young one.

While this may seem like a cruel gimmick, it is nonetheless a rather funny one. Fall Guys is a notoriously frenzied game, with its levels embracing slapstick humor and an unrealistic use of physics. Just looking at the anatomy of the Fall Guys’ Bean characters alone proves that this is not a game to be taken too seriously.

Mediatonic has been making a point to add new content to season 3 of Fall Guys regularly. With humorous costumes to unlock and crown ranks adding as extra incentives to keep players coming back, Bert, Bort and Bart had better get used to making that fall time and time again.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: FallGuysGame/Twitter

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