Fall Guys Opens Up About “Cheater Island”, Revels Plans to Curb Cheating


Fall Guys developer Mediatonic continues to work hard to get cheaters out of the game. With their next update, they’ll add in Epic’s anti-cheat system.

Fall Guys is a game all about fun. In a just world, the mini-game collection wouldn’t have players focused on turning it into a competitive game and giving it all the problems that come with that. Unfortunately, people are doing that and thus, the cheaters have come out in droves. It’s an annoying problem that helps kill some of the goofy joy Fall Guys brings. Today, the developers at Mediatonic talked about their early efforts to stop cheaters by putting them on their own island. Click on the tweet below to drop down the rabbit hole.

Fall Guys version of Cheater Island was just a place for cheaters to play against each other. At first, the island wasn’t very populated, which led to players being unable to find games. Mediatonic didn’t want to talk about it because once the cheaters learned they were only playing with others like them, they’d look for ways off of the island.

Unfortunately, people did start to find ways back to normal games. Plus, people kept uploading videos of what appear to be games happening on Cheater Island. Not only does this make the game look bad, but it also shows that maybe some legitimate players are ending up on the island. So, Fall Guys is closing Cheater Island for good and bringing in Epic to help get cheaters out of the game.

Alongside the Big Yeetus update, the team is implementing Epic’s anti-cheat software. This should help alleviate the cheating problem. Of course, people will still get through, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. If only they could also get rid of those idiots that only exist to hold other people down at the finish line.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4. No word yet on when the Big Yeetus update will drop. Presumably, it’ll be right around the time season two kicks off.

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