Fall Guys is getting an Untitled Goose Game outfit – HONK


Fall Guys Season 2 is now in full swing with a medieval theme that sees players’ beans don orc, jester, and duchess outfits to compete in the super competitive battle royale game. But where does a goose fit into all of this? Well, it turns out one is on the way. Developer Mediatonic sometimes tosses in random outfits and additions to the game, so seeing a goose face off against a duchess, surprisingly, isn’t the craziest pairing the game has to offer.

The goose from Untitled Goose Game is known for being particularly obnoxious, so seeing goose beans push opponents off ledges and block others from victory isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility. We haven’t been given a glimpse of the goose in-game yet, but the Fall Guys Twitter account tweeted a horrifying goose cosplay that may give you an idea of what inspiration it’s drawn from.

Other recent additions to the Fall Guys outfit roster include a slightly disconcerting Sonic the Hedgehog with a line dividing its top and bottom halves, and a fantastic Godzilla that has quickly become a fan-favourite outfit.

With whispers of Season 3 being bigger than Season 2 already circulating, it will be interesting to see what kind of zany outfits the beans get next.

The goose will be available on Friday, November 13, but if you want to give some of the other best games like Fall Guys a go, take a look at our super handy list.




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