Falcon & Winter Soldier Ends With the Debut of MCU’s New Captain America


Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the MCU, says Phase 4’s Captain America will be revealed to audiences by the end of the Disney+ miniseries.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will reveal who takes up the mantle of Captain America by the end of the series. The upcoming Disney+ series follows the eponymous duo played by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as they travel the world to combat the anarchist Flag-Smashers. The show is part of a new chapter for the MCU, matching the production quality of the films in limited series on Disney’s own streamer. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, the series concerns the allies and friends of Chris Evans’ Captain America.

At the end of the film, Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, accepts Cap’s iconic shield from an aged Steve Rogers, apparently accepting his blessing as his successor. Though this appeared to be a neat and sentimental transition from one Captain to another, there’s been talk of Evans returning as the patriotic super-soldier. Mackie, for one, is more than happy to see him return. Perhaps it won’t be quite so easy to fill Captain America’s shoes just yet.

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Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, Mackie revealed that the new Captain America will be named by the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Though it may not be an easy ride, the question of “where the shield’s gonna end up” is the primary concern of the series. Mackie would not say who will assume the mantle and the answer may not be who we expect. Check out his full quote below:

At the the end of Endgame, Sam didn’t accept the shield. If you remember, he told Steve, ‘It doesn’t feel right because this shield is yours.’ So, you know, the show is a long way of figuring around who’s gonna be Captain America. Where the shield’s gonna end up and if Captain America, if that moniker is gonna come back and somebody’s gonna hold that moniker again.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Banter

Mackie has cast doubt before regarding whether Falcon will be the next Captain America. Though he appears to accept the shield in Endgame, the responsibility of becoming a symbol of America is a great one. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier features the debut of Marvel hero U.S. Agent, a super-soldier originally engineered by the government to replace Steve. The Flag-Smashers may not be the only organization working against his wish to pass the shield to Falcon.

Apparently, Mackie knows everything that will happen in Phase 4 and he’s excited to see how fans react to everything that’s coming.  As the old heroes bow out or head on their own journeys, new blood will fill out the Avengers, and new leaders will rise to the challenge. As a new multi-film epic is just beginning, Disney+ series such as Hawkeye and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will explain the rise of entirely new heroes and successors to old ones.

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Source: The Rich Eisen Show via YouTube

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