Facebook Will Show Which Businesses are Sharing Your Contact Information for Targeted Ads


A year ago, Facebook decided to restrict non-voluntary targeted advertising. This move will be yielding positive outcomes now. Eleven months ago, it was found that the company was planning to get the advertisers to give a word that they were permitted to upload users’ contact details such as mobile numbers and email IDs for the purpose of sending targeted ads. The debut of the tool was made in Jun, but it lacked a verification procedure, and Facebook would just believe the word of companies, even though they had a financial motive to mislead. Three months ago, Facebook rolled out a method for advertisement agencies and the developers of marketing technology to name the people on whose account they were purchasing promotions. In the coming time, this data shall be unveiled to users.

Before this, Facebook would only reveal the brands that were using the user’s contact details to target ads. They would not reveal who was uploading it and when it was being uploaded.

From the last of this month, the “Why am I seeing this?” button located in the pull-down list of Facebook feed posts shall give more details, in addition to the brand that purchased the advertisements, the biographical information aimed by them and whether they have stored the user’s contact details. Now, the users will be able to see when their contact details were uploaded, and whether they were uploaded by the brand or their agency or partners as well as when the partners shared the access. According to Facebook’s mouthpiece, the aim is to give users a more comprehensive knowledge of how their details are used by the advertisers.

This next level of transparence will assist the users in pinpointing as to what prompted a brand to lay their hands on their contact information. This may assist them in changing their user behavior and will convince them to pay more attention to their privacy. With this advancement, Facebook will also be able to find out the agencies and partners that are continuously uploading contact details and may not have obtained it lawfully.

Seemingly, in an attempt to not rake up the privacy issues in the past, Facebook did not issue a blog post regarding the development but just made an announcement via a Facebook post in the Facebook Advertiser Hub Page.

The revamped dialog box has been introduced subsequent to Facebook adding instantly visible “paid for by” disclaimers to shine a light on advertisements containing political content. Given that a number of individuals are worried about how their data gets exploited by Facebook, this new feature may cause the users to worry less, especially when their confidence in Facebook’s privacy practices is minimal.

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