Facebook Portal Video Chat Devices is Now Available in the US


Facebook has today launched the video chat devices, and they are now available for shipping. The two video chat devices are the Portal and the Portal+ which is a larger one. The Portal costs about $199 and the Portal+ is $349.

Even though these devices can display photos, play music, and support a small number of video networks, they are exclusively focused on video chatting. The Portal and Portal+ are primarily focused on chatting with people over Facebook Messenger, and to bring the best user experience, the company made a good job at its camera features.

Both the Portal and Portal+ have a single and fixed camera at the top. This is not just a typical camera as it will zoom in and follow you around to remove the need to hold your phone up to your face while you’re chatting. Using this feature, you can move throughout your room and keep the conversation smoothly going.

Facebook is has emphasized the Portal’s privacy policy. The company promises that video calls will not be tracked, and calls are also encrypted and all of the AI tech is locally performed on-device. It only means that it won’t view the calls, but it will track data usage to use to serve up cross-platform ads.

“When you make a Portal video call, we process the same device usage information as other Messenger-enabled devices.  This can include volume level, number of bytes received, and frame resolution — it can also include the frequency and length of your calls. Some of this information may be used for advertising purposes. For example, we may use the fact that you make lots of video calls to inform some of the ads you see. This information does not include the contents of your Portal video calls.”, Facebook says on its blog post explaining that the security problems before will not happen again.


Both the Portal and Portal Plus is now available for shipping. They can be bought from Facebook’s website, Best Buy, and Amazon. The Portal costs about $199, and the larger Portal Plus is $349.  You can get a $100 discount if you buy two at once. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex to be always updated.

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