Facebook Mind-Reading Project Is Getting Closer


Facebook is expanding its business by investing in innovative devices. The company has been working on a mysterious project called mind-reading device. The brain-reading interface is coming closer to its testing phase.

During its annual developers’ conference in the year 2017, Facebook announced its new project and its plans to develop a new brain-reading interface. This innovative device would let you type just by thinking.

Today, the researchers of the University of California, San Francisco who are working under this project have posted a new story on the development of this device. They have said that their algorithm worked and they are now able to let the device read what we think.

Interestingly, the algorithm worked in real-time without delay. So whatever you think, this device will immediately type in for you. To record the activity of the brain, the researchers have formed a team who are taking care of its developing phase. They have connected high-density electrocorticography arrays to three epilepsy patients’ brains to check if the device is working.

After connecting the device to the patient’s mind, they have asked him a few simple questions. They have also asked them to answer all the questions loudly. The researchers have claimed that the algorithm has recorded everything spoken by the patients in real-time.

The model prepared by the team has decoded these words with 76% accuracy which is tremendous.

Facebook has said that they are not in a mood to release their new brain-reading device anytime soon as it will take years of time to come up with a stable and working model for the public. The company plans to interact with this device with the latest Augmented Reality based devices with the new Virtual Reality devices.

In the coming future, Facebook will implement this new brain-reading interface to the new generation VR devices. VR devices are getting popular day by day and in the coming months, we would definitely see them working with Facebook’s innovative mind-reading interface. It will take some time though!

The team is regularly updating us with new information on their project. We will get to hear more of the same in the coming days.

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