Facebook Messenger Requires Facebook for Sign up


Facebook’s Messenger service was completely an independent service from the Social Network giant until recently. You were allowed to create or sign up to Facebook Messenger using your Mobile Phone number only. But now, Facebook has changed things and now to create a new Facebook Messenger account, you need to have your Facebook Account.

Many users have noticed this new changes that were recently made by Facebook to its Messenger platform. In fact, most of the users have posted about the same on Reddit and other microblogging platforms. Most of them have posted complaints to Facebook and asked for the changes.

Fortunately, they have acknowledged it and confirmed the recently changed that were made for the new users without any statement. Facebook’s Hep Center has released a post regarding the new changes for the Sign up of the Messenger.

According to Facebook’s Help Center page and posted a negative answer to their question, “Can I sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account?” So people who were trying to create a new account on Messenger using their phone number were unable to do so.

If you were dependent on Messenger app then this is the right time to search for an alternative if you don’t want to create your account on Facebook. To sign up on Messenger, you must have an active Facebook Account.

Facebook also owned WhatsApp and WhatsApp is directly associated with Facebook. If we follow the track of the Facebook, then we might also ask to connect our Facebook account on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has over a Billion daily active users and most of them are not aware about the fact that it is a product of Facebook.

If in the near future, Facebook changes its policy, then we might get a new update to WhatsApp where we will be asked to enter the Facebook account details as well.

For many other reasons, Facebook is facing legal issues against their platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. For the very same reason, these services of Facebook are under the trial and might be closed down in many countries across the world.

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