FAA says the Boeing 737 Max can fly again


It will take a long while before the 737 Max is carrying passengers. The updates, training and tests could take months to complete in some cases, and that’s provided airlines start the process right away. Southwest, the largest adopter of Boeing’s jet, isn’t poised to resume flights until spring 2021. The timing is less than ideal as it is — the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reduced air travel and the need for more aircraft.

The new system relies on two sensors and gives pilots more opportunities to override anti-stall measures. However, some families of crash victims have argued the efforts aren’t enough. As CNN notes, they believe the 737 Max design is inherently flawed and want a third sensor as well as revised alerts. However effective Boeing’s current solution may be, it’s clear the 737 Max and its creator have lost a lot of confidence.




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