EVGA, Zotac Increase Prices On All RTX 30-Series GPUs


Earlier this year, a waiver protecting GPU manufacturers from additional tariffs in the ongoing trade war with China lapsed. ASUS recently announced plans to increase GPU prices as a result, and now EVGA and Zotac are following suit.

EVGA has added a note to its website making customers aware of the price hike, stating that it has attempted to minimize the impact to consumers. This includes honoring the price on preorders that have already been processed.

EVGA has increased the prices of all RTX 30-series GPUs, from the RTX 3060 Ti to the RTX 3090. Surprisingly, the increase is relatively standard across the board, with each card now retailing for $70 more than before. The RTX 3080, for example, is now $800 after previously launching at $730.

Zotac hasn’t been as forward with the reasoning for the increase, and the price being passed onto consumers is also much higher than EVGA. In most cases the increase is between $90-$100, applying to both the RTX 3070 and 3080. The RTX 3090, by comparison, has had its price increase by $350, pushing it up to $1900.

It’s clear that each manufacturer is doing its own calculations and optimizations with regards to how it handles the additional cost to bring GPUs back into stock, and it’s clear now that you will have to pay more in some way. That is, if you can even find stock, with AMD and Nvidia not having promising updates on the matter.




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