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The internet is full of stuff. Weird stuff. Strange stuff. Awesome stuff. Miscellanea. The pinnacle of knowledge. It is important to note this, as when you surf the net, you can come upon whatever you desire, which is quite freeing when you have to look for odd things for your next college paper, like a custom research paper writing service, or why a pimple hasn’t disappeared from your nose for two years. You can also check your internet speed by simply typing what’s my internet speed then google it.

Without further ado, the following websites are some of the most interesting places on the internet:

1. Zoomquilt

This website features infinitely zooming-in graphics that lets you into a new virtual world one frame at a time. There are different worlds to venture to and all the templates are enthralling and might I say, trippy. Just don’t look at this website on drugs.

2. End of the Internet

This is the edge of the internet. Supposedly, it is the last page of the internet. It gives you a

reminder to do other things and allows you to download the internet in its entirety.

3. A Day in Big Data

A beautiful breakdown of big data and what it means in our world. The design is ultra-clean, clear, and precise. This is an example of minimalism used to perfection.

4. Distance to Mars

A fantastic demonstration of the distance to Mars from Earth. It gives details along the way and a clear, easy-to-grasp illustration of the actual distance to the red planet. Great for all ages. Also great for people who don’t want long textual explanations of scientific concepts.

5. Stealth Boats

A pointless website but not pointless if you want a good laugh. This website features miniature stealth boats. Try to find them, if you can.

6. Endless Horse

If you enjoy horses, and infinity, this website is for you. It features a simply drawn horse that goes on forever through scrolling. Pointless, maybe, but on the forefront of weird.

7. Paper Toilet

Ever heard of virtual toilet paper? Well, now you have. It’s even better with a touchscreen.

8. GetNotify

Have you ever wanted to know if a person has opened your email, and more information about the people you email or who are sending you emails? GetNotify allows you to track all this information through its website.

9. Snopes

This is a favorite site of geeks and curious people who want to know if urban myths or common knowledge is actually true. A lot of what we perceive to be true ain’t. That is where Snopes comes in handy. It is used by people all over the world to get to the bottom of “truths.”

10. Leonard Nimoy sings a ballad for hobbits

Are you a Star Trek fan? A Lord of the Rings fan? Well, then you might enjoy Spock singing a song for Bilbo Baggins.

11. Cat dancing

Maybe you have a cat. Maybe you want to dance with your cat. Maybe your cat dances with you already. Then hop on over to feline dance classes to increase your cat dancing skills.

12. PrivNote

Do some of your emails or notes need to be erased soon after they are written? If so, this website offers a way for your writing to self-destruct. Perfect for people who enjoy privacy and security.

13. I Hate Dolphins

The owner of this website obviously has a beef against dolphins. The subsections of the website make it clear: “Why Hate Dolphins?”, “Ways to Kill Them,” “Dolphin Executions,” “Chicken of the Sea,” and more. But on a serious note, this is just a joke website.

14. Computer hope

Find out all the computer shortcuts available on this site. Learn how to navigate through the internet with effectiveness. Become an internet rockstar.

15. LucidChart

This website allows a user to easily create illustrations of data. This is a real catch for students and business people alike.

16. Swole

A virtual diet planner. It easily generates your diet plan and guides you through the process. Good for everyone.

End note

Well, these are just a few of the fascinating places on the internet and a look at the variety that this tool brings to fruition. If you know of any other interesting websites, let us know.

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