Every MCU Show Coming To Disney+, Ranked According To Hype


There are a bunch of MCU shows coming to Disney+, and we are excited for all of them. Here are them all ranked by how much hype there is towards them.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already the largest film-franchise in history with a record 23 films to date – however, with the release of Disney+ (combined with the overwhelming critical/financial success of the MCU) they’re about to get even bigger – way bigger.

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After several setbacks in production and release (due to Covid-19), Disney made fans very happy during its Investor Day in December where they not only showed footage for the upcoming shows that will be set in the MCU, but they even announced a few new shows that audiences had no clue were coming – cranking the hype up to 3000.

11 Armor Wars


One of the new shows that fans were not privy to, Armor Wars will center around Rhodey (War Machine) as he tries to handle the difficulties of Stark-tech falling into enemy hands. The hype for this show is still incredibly high, but among the rest of the other upcomers it simply falls short for one reason – they’ve done this before. Aside from finally letting Rhodey take center stage, basically all three Iron Man movies had a villain that stole Tony’s tech and used it for evil. With all the new shows slated to make debuts, this just feels like overkill.

10 Ironheart


Another new show from Investor Day, Ironheart will follow the story of Riri Williams, a young, genius girl who (presumably) was affected by Tony Stark in some-way during the events of the MCU and has constructed her own “Iron Man-esque” armor, the Ironheart-suit. Again, the hype for this show is real, but it comes up short due to the fact that it’s just more overkill – Peter Parker is already set-in-stone as Tony’s younger protege and fans just said goodbye to Tony in 2019, so a few more years would’ve been a better time for this one.

9 Secret Invasion


Now we’re getting into the shows who have low-ranks simply because of how long fans will have to wait to see them. The MCU has already introduced the concept of Skrulls (Captain Marvel and Spiderman: Far From Home) and this show will center around the concept that a specific group of Skrulls have infiltrated nearly every aspect of humanity. With Nick Fury at the helm, not much else is known about the show at this time, keeping the hype relatively-low.

8 She-Hulk

Again, don’t mistake the low-rank for lack-of-hype – we just don’t know anything about it yet. Another series that fans have known about for some time now, She-Hulk has yet to have any specific details come out about the plot the show will follow.

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The only information audiences were given during Investor Day was that Mark Ruffalo would be reprising his role as The Hulk, and the actress cast to play the titular character is Tatiana Maslany. We’re hyped – we just don’t know what we’re hyped about yet.

7 Hawkeye


Now the hype is really starting to kick in. Fans knew about the upcoming Hawkeye series for a while, but it was only just announced during Investor Day that famed actress, Hailee Steinfeld, had been cast as Kate Bishop, Hawkeye’s daughter, who is slated to become the new Hawkeye. It was also announced that several new characters would be introduced in the series and it would debut in the fall of 2021.

6 Ms. Marvel


While this particular comic-book character is a relatively recent one, Disney wasted no time getting Ms. Marvel onto the screen. Centered around Kamala Khan, an Avenger super-fan who ends up developing powers of her own (polymorphic abilities), the series will eventually tie back into the rest of the MCU via the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 film. The show is set to premiere in late 2021, only making the hype greater.

5 Loki


We’ve made it to the trailers. While the shows listed above are still mostly being filmed, written, or in post-production, Loki is the first one on this list that fans got a full-blown sneak-peek at during Investor Day.

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Set to premiere in May, the plot is still relatively unknown, but it’s confirmed that it will follow the Loki who escaped with the Tesseract during Avengers: Endgame, and is rumored to explore the possibility of several different MCU timelines.

4 What If?


Before Investor Day, the hype for this one was so-so – but after Investor Day? Wow. Fans knew the concept behind this show all along – stories in the MCU with a few key factors changed. However, the trailer revealed that the animated show slated for summer 2021 will explore concepts such as T’Challa becoming Star-Lord, Peggy Carter becoming Captain America rather than Steve Rogers, and even a zombie-version of Captain America.

3 The Falcon & The Winter Soldier


Set to debut in March, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has been one of the most awaited shows by fans (mainly since it was supposed to come out last year). However, upon the trailer revealed during Investor Day, audiences are even more hyped to watch the show that will seemingly be a buddy-cop series between the two heroes as they deal with villains and the aftermath of Captain America’s legacy.

2 Moon Knight


If there had even been a still-image of the titular hero, this show would easily have taken the top spot. However, fans will have to wait for that as Moon Knight is (rumored) to start filming in March and will finally allow the MCU to introduce the character of Marc Spector, a.k.a. Moon Knight. With renowned actor Oscar Isaac cast as the hero who struggles with mental illness and multiple-personality-disorder, fans will continue to hold their breath for more updates on this series.

1 Wanda Vision


The hype couldn’t be higher. Fans have eagerly waited for new MCU content ever since the last film came out in July of 2019 and they’ve finally received their wish with WandaVision set to premiere this week. The series will follow Wanda Maximoff (Scarlett Witch) and Vision as they try to make their way through an apparent altered-reality they find themselves living in. There have been several trailers and tv-spots, as well as interviews with the cast, but the overall plot has still been held under wraps. Nevertheless, fans could not be more excited to get the return to their favorite cinematic universe – and they’re even more hyped to be able to do it on their small-screens now too.

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