Essential Travel Tech Gadgets For Your Next Trip


Traveling can often mean going without your favorite gadgets, such as your phone, tablet and laptop, usually because you don’t have an internet connection. Technology’s answer to this is more gadgets, such as a portable, pocket-sized WiFi hotspot device that can keep you connected and modern walkie talkies that let you communicate without a connection at all. There are also handy devices that can take some of the stress out of traveling, such as luggage trackers that offer you peace of mind.

Portable WiFi hotspot devices

Whether you’re going on a camping trip and don’t want to use up your data or you’re going to a hotel and don’t want to pay expensive fees to use their WiFi, a portable hotspot device is a necessity for modern living and traveling. There are a few different versions currently on the market, such as Skyroam Solis’ device. It takes a few hours to set up and find a connection, but once you’re on you get a fast and dependable connection. It also doubles up as a power bank, so not only are you connected but you’re fully charged too. Of course, you do have to pay to find a connection, but once you’re on you can connect multiple devices, so it still works out as a cheap, convenient and reliable way to stay online during your travels.

Tracking devices for luggage

One of the worst things that can happen when arriving in a different country is finding out that your luggage has been lost, leaving you with none of your personal belongings. Tracking devices are small so that they easily slip into your luggage. They then connect to your smartphone or send you emails so that you can track where it is. This can help to prevent it getting lost in the first place but can also help you to find your belongings. When you’re not traveling you can double your tracker up for finding your wallet by keeping it inside it or use the keyring hole for finding keys or even your pet.

GoTenna Mesh SMS and GPS

These are basically a modern version of a walkie-talkie as they allow people to text and share their location with others without WiFi or data, as well as being compatible with Android and iOS. The GoTenna Mesh devices work within about three miles of each other and are a great gadget for camping trips or exploring new countries when you don’t have a connection. You can also download detailed maps that can be used offline, making these great for keeping you safe and preventing you from getting lost.

These tech travel gadgets can enhance your trip, whether it’s keeping you safe, helping you to confidently explore or just letting you share your favorite vacation photos online and talk to friends and family. These types of gadgets have transformed tech from a luxury vacation item to a travel essential.


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