Escape from Tarkov: How to Survive in the Shoreline


The Shoreline is the fourth map added to Escape from Tarkov and is considered to be the largest map yet. In the Shoreline, every raid of around 40 to 50 people has probably ended with heavily geared players spotting you from an incredibly far distance without you even having a fighting chance to fire back. In the Hardcore survival MMO Escape from Tarkov, the goal is to survive as a mercenary left behind in the war-torn city Tarkov—of which you’re surrounded by iScavs and mainly hostile players looking for blood. Not to worry though, as we’ve come up with a guide to help all new players to get a bit of a head start than most.

Avoid Noise-Creating Terrain

On Shoreline, many types of terrain can easily give your position away to the enemy. The most notable and perhaps the deadliest terrain on this map will have to be the marshes. The sludge of the swamps can leave you vulnerable as you sink down to your stomach, leaving your movement drastically slowed as you try to make your way through. The sound of you struggling to move in the swamps can be heard by nearby troops letting them know exactly where you are. As you slowly move towards to safety, you might also be heading into a possible ambush! The same can be said when walking on metal substrates which will scrape and grind when you come into contact with them.

Use Terrain to your Advantage

In order to survive, you need to learn how to use other terrains to your advantage. Tall grass, hilltops, and other elevated areas give natural cover. These places can help you with keeping out of sight of your opponents, so it’s wise to take advantage of them. Try to move slowly and quietly, drawing the least amount of attention to yourself. Slow and steady wins the race.

Distinguish & Find Your Target

Learn to distinguish the subtle differences in surrounding noise. Could the noise be natural? Did it come from AI-controlled Scavs? Or did it perhaps come from another opponent? Knowing who’s who or what’s what is helpful, especially in vital situations. For spatial sound allocation, we highly recommend you use a pair of stereo headphones.

In order to survive, you need to understand the location of your target, taking into account their distance from you, how long it will take to get to where they are and where they may have possibly moved to. Also, as much as possible, try not to have permanent visual contact with the enemy because it’ll leave you exposed and vulnerable. It’s also important to plan the route with as much cover as you can to improve your chances of staying alive.

Flank & Circle

Attacking an enemy head-on is not the best plan of action in a game like EFT. Instead, try to keep your distance and advance from a side angle, keeping you out of the enemies’ field of vision. If you find yourself under fire from someone who is in a better position, then find some cover and work your way around to find an advantage. The higher the position you are in, the more of an advantage you will have during gunfire.

While working as a team, force your opponent to use the road shaped like pliers and attack from both sides. This strategy is known as circling and causes your enemy to divide their group and cause confusion amongst the ranks. You can even use a single teammate as a distraction to bait your enemies and get them to throw grenades from another angle and help break down the opposing crew.

Gear Up Before Charging In

Upon entering the Shoreline, you’re sure to encounter enemies with lots of gear in tow. Don’t be too intimated because you can get all the Escape from Tarkov Items that you need in the Escape from Tarkov Trading page here at PlayerAuctions. Amply armed, you can take down those difficult opponents that try to get in your way.

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