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Any business, whether big or small, must have an online presence to increase its ability to reach as many people as possible, from whichever corner of the globe, at whatever time of the day. This online presence can be achieved by using social media platforms or having a website. A website is the better option, as it is under the full control of the business or individual who owns it; hence, there are no restrictions on the activities carried out on it. Most websites (about 58%) are created using WordPress.

What is Elementor Page Builder for WordPress?

A page builder is an easy-to-use drag and drop tool that enables website builders to create beautiful pages loaded with content. Page builders are versatile in that they are applicable to desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, and thus are said to be responsive. They come with pre-built-in widgets that make them user-friendly.

Elementor Page Builder is a live page builder that allows for the creation of high-end designs without limitations and offer advanced or innovative capabilities that we have not previously witnessed on WordPress. With Elementor Page Builder, you can quickly and easily build beautiful WordPress websites.

The thing that sets Elementor apart from the other page builders is that it allows live designing on your site’s front end, resulting in first-class designs. It offers infinite design possibilities.

How does Elementor Page Builder work?

Elementor replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live front-end editor, allowing you to build complex layouts visually and to work on your website live, with no need to switch between the editor and preview modes. It enables you to get incredible quality designs without using codes or CSS or needing developers’ services.

With an exceptionally user-friendly interface, it will take you only a few minutes to get used to working with it. Also, having been made with cutting-edge technology and with continuous updating, Elementor is optimized and fast-responding, meaning when you drag and drop widgets, it is done instantly.

Why choose Elementor over other page builders?

  •    Easy to use, thus offering you an exceptional user experience
  •    Presents numerous useful widgets
  •    Incredibly faster
  •    Wholly developed and yields top-rated designs without requiring coding skills
  •    Total control over tailoring layouts

WordPress themes to go with Elementor

Having looked at some of the excellent features of the page builder, it is vital you get to know the Elementor WordPress themes that you will need in order to have the best WordPress website possible. Here are some premium WordPress themes to go with the Elementor Page Builder that you can consider depending on your needs:


If you need to build a marketing website, look no further than Exposure. It is fully responsive, making it possible for your site to appear brilliantly on all screens. Exposure offers you multiple blog layouts, three beautiful footers, seven amazing headers, and other great features.


For entrepreneurs in the construction business niche, CityLog is the WordPress theme that suits you, and it will work perfectly with the Elementor Page Builder. The beauty of CityLog is that it is fully responsive and works excellently across browsers, hence coming across as clean, simple, and seamless. With this theme, you can have excellent presentations for your construction projects.

Imperion Multipurpose

Have you been looking for a feature-loaded WordPress theme to give your business project an impressive and appealing outlook? Well, with the Imperion Multipurpose Business WordPress theme, your search is over. This theme offers a versatile solution with all the necessary functionalities required to tailor the fully fledged theme to meet your brand’s needs.


The AlpenHouse theme was created with vacation rental home owners in mind. The themes have built-in features, like a complete booking system to help you handle property management and reservations.


ShapeForce is a spectacular WordPress theme to help your sports studio acquire an online presence. With ShapeForce, you can display your clients’ reviews and your team of instructors in a professional manner. You can also put up some outstanding presentations of your gym with the handy widgets and modules that come with the ShapeForce WordPress theme.

Why use TemplateMonster for your Elementor needs?

TemplateMonster is your one-stop solution for everything related to Elementor Page Builder. You will find templates, themes, and plugins that any Elementor lover needs in this marketplace. The best thing is that you can even get them as a bundle at some great deals that you cannot get anywhere else. Some advantages of buying your Elementor needs from TemplateMonster include:

  •    Selecting among some of the most powerful Elementor plugins that increase your favorite page builder’s capabilities.
  •    With minimal coding and development skills (or as a newbie) and with a desire to keep things simple, the Elementor items sold by this vendor are your best choice.
  •    For your e-commerce site with Elementor, you have a variety of WooCommerce themes and templates  to work hassle-free.
  •    If you need top-notch styled pages for specific purposes/topics that are exceptionally easy to use and that you can tailor on the fly (while the programs are running), this is the place to get them.
  •    This market has some of the best collections of Elementor themes for a wide range of applications—from restaurants, to the medical field, to business, and more—so you can pick the best one for your specific needs.
  •    In addition to the fact that the items offered by the vendor are beautifully designed, they are also superb when it comes to fine-tuning and customization, thus giving you exactly what you need.


Having a fabulous WordPress website is no longer a pipe dream, notwithstanding your little coding and web development skills, thanks to Elementor Page Builder. It allows you to easily and quickly design your site live. You can then customize your site with the awesome Elementor themes and items. No matter your area of operation—hotel and restaurant, medical field, or any other business—you can get the perfect themes to go with your Elementor Page Builder, and with the ability to fine-tune and customize them further, you can get what you exactly need

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