Dragalia Lost – Persona 5 Strikers Crossover Announced For Late January


Persona 5 Strikers characters will be joining Nintendo and Cygames mobile game Dragalia Lost in late January 2021. Joker and Arsene confirmed.

Dragalia Lost announced it will be holding a crossover collab event with Persona 5 Strikers in late January. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts will appear in new Summons and the new Event, Caged Desire, in Dragalia Lost.

The English announcement didn’t specify which Persona game it’ll be. And only mentioned the “Persona series”.  However, the Japanese Dragalia Lost press release specifically mentioned this is a crossover with Persona 5 Strikers (Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers). Meaning it’s likely exclusive characters from this sequel, like Sophia, will be appearing as well.

By filling his dragon gauge during battles, Joker will be able to summon Arsène. Joker can also use his knife and gun. Additional characters from the Phantom Thieves of Heart will be available in Summons. A certain character will also join your roster after you complete the event’s quest.

Joker’s animations and attacks are all based on his moves in Persona 5 Strikers. You can see some footage for yourself with our Persona 5 Strikers preview.

The Persona 5 Strikers crossover in Dragalia Lost was announced by Dragalia Lost director Yuji Okada:

Persona series’ Kazuhisa Wada recently teased some new developments for the 25th anniversary in 2021. Multiple OSTs from Persona games have made it to Spotify as well.

Dragalia Lost is a mobile RPG developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo in September 2018. Seeing it’s owned by Nintendo, Dragalia Lost regularly has collab events with Nintendo-related IPs. This is likely the reason why Dragalia Lost is having a crossover collab with Persona 5 Strikers rather than Persona 5 Royal, which is a PS4 exclusive.

Persona 5 Strikers will launch in America on Steam, PS4 and Switch on February 23, 2021. You can preorder your copy on Amazon to support us.

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