Dota Auto Chess emerging as the Fastest Growing New Game of 2019


A custom game mode of Dota 2 has been made by Chinese developers Drodo Studio named “Dota Auto Chess” has taken over the PC Gaming world by Storm. Like Dota 2, Dota Auto Chess is a Strategic board game which had recently cracked the 100K player count mark and had crossed 670,000 subscribers. This game has ultimately gained more concurrent players than those of some popular game series like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Football Manager 2019.

You might haven’t heard this game before which is considered as the most popular new game of the year. So the first question arises is, What this Dota Auto Chess game is? Why it is being so much of popular? Is this game really worth to be the most popular one?

Unlike its name suggest, this game didn’t have many things similar to that of Chess except it is played on the board which has been divided into 64 squares into a black and white background. A total number of 8 players will face on a one-to-one battle where the last-man-standing will be declared as the winner. Each of the players will have 100HP at the beginning for their survival in the game.

At the starting of each round, players have to buy some pieces to place on the map to fight against the creeps. Here, pieces indicate to the Dota 2 Heroes. So, you have to randomly pick any of your Heroes that you have already bought and then you have to place them on the battlefield. If your Hero dies, your HP will be reduced and if your units lose the battle consecutively, your whole HP will get over and of course, you’ll be knocked out.

Dota Auto Chess has paced its popularity slowly and gradually after its launch on January 4 and now it had gained the attention of larger outlets. Today, Matthew Bailey, Director of the esports group Team Secret made a tweet on Twitter saying that Dota Auto Chess is emerging as one of the fastest growing game of 2019.

Dota Auto Chess is gaining popularity because of unique and amazing gameplay. Also, Like Dota 2 it is available for free on Steam which may also be another reason behind its popularity. However, on the other hand, some of the players are still confused about its popularity with many of them pointing out to its previous bugs in Dota 2.

Although it’s not clear that this game deserves to be in the top trending games of 2019, you can check out yourself that this game deserves this title or not by playing this game. Dota Auto Chess is available on Steam for free and is available for PC.

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