Dota 2: Rubick’s Arcana, new winter game mode, ‘Frosthaven’ released


An update for Dota 2 has been released by Valve. With the coming winter season, valve released Frosthaven update with a new feature Rubick Arcana. It is like a Christmas gift for all Dota 2 players, thus, here is a new game mode which you can play this winter and enjoy it.

A special event will continue with the update. This event was started on 19 Dec,2018 and will end on 3 Jan,2019. As announced by Valve, the Frosthaven Update introduces overall a new game mode to Dota 2. It is really different from the usual 5v5 mode because in this new special game mode will involve 5 players banding together to defend the original Frostvirus tree led by the Grand Magus, Rubick. Now why they will try to defend? It is because the ever-mischievous son of Aghanim has gone power drunk after the release of his Arcana.

Months after winning the 2018 Arcana vote, the Arcana-class team for Rubick is finally here. Otherwise, known as the Magus Cypher, the all-new item will feature custom animations for Rubick. This includes, among many others, more animations than any other hero currently in Dota 2, as well as 115 custom stolen spell effects.

Valve has also updated the Crux of Perplex Immortal Treasure in the game, where the Rubick will have a special colour when it steals a spell from a hero. It is in the colour of enemy hero usually. As per votes in the last International, Rubick has received an Arcana item. The Arcana has about 115 unique Spell Steal effects, so when Rubick steals a particular spell it has its own effect. Rubick has given a stolen Doom, which has a green effect.

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